I seek to serve as State President of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida (DBCF) because there is a need for CHANGE – we need Transparency & Fairness, Efficient Communication & Planning, Solid Infrastructure & Execution, and an Energetic Voice & Presence for the People.  I lift the theme “Let’s Build Black Power: Economic, Political, Social, Educational” as only through an affirmative focus of Building Black Power, will the DBCF flourish to maximum potential. Building economically on all fronts is directly related to political, social and educational growth.

​ I further seek the President office to Lead the DBCF in an inclusive manner – embracing and utilizing all the knowledge, experience, skill and talent we have across the Great State of Florida.  I lead by example, for I can’t expect anything of others that I don’t expect out of myself. There are some who like to be in charge, I actually like to Lead and Lead through servant leadership – Showing Respect and Responsiveness to ALL DBCF Members.

You entrusted me as First Vice President, Delivering the R-6 Power Initiative to Re-Energize, Re-Educate, Re-Engage, Re-Invest, Rebuild and Relate in serving the Caucus. You entrusted me as Orange County President for four (4) years, Delivering and Building from a membership of just 12 and 1 elected official to over 120 and 25 elected officials (OrangeCountyDBC.org) . I now ask you to entrust me to deliver yet again. I request your support and your VOTE for President of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida.

Thank You for your time and interest. Feel free to read the Drake For DBCF Newsletter watch the Drake for DBCF Video, and/or peruse this entire site to learn more about me. And I encourage you to contact me with any thoughts, questions or concerns at Russell@TheRusselDrake.com.


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Russell Drake
May the Work I've Done Speak for Me!


  • Keep me Lifted in Prayer in this Journey

  • Plan on attending  DBCF Election 
    • Election Postponed - Date TBD
    • Info at: www.DBCFlorida.org
      • Note: Only Active Black Caucus members can vote

  • Financial Contribution of any Sort to aid in sharing my message